Tales of the Wilderwood
“ Matthew Burton has been working together with me on my project ‘Tales of the Wilderwood’ as an illustrator. To date his work has been nothing but exemplary. He always meets deadlines and works with a great deal of flexibility ensuring that the art he produces matches what I require. Unlike other artists I interviewed Matthew has always been willing to go the extra mile to reach perfection, a good example of this was his willingness to read my stories in full; other artists just wanted short briefs so as to save time. This is why Matthew’s art fits my work so well, because of that extra time and effort he puts in so as to get the mood and feel expressed in the piece perfectly, not just a simple illustration but a piece of art. This is why I can wholeheartedly give Matthew my fullest recommendation to any person considering his services. ” - J.W. Hawkins
“ ... it was so awesome working with you, Matt. Your prompt responses, raw talent, and patience through the entire process were nothing short of sterling. I would recommend anyone that wants a flawless commission at a fair price contact you immediately. I know I, for absolute certain, will come to you first in all of my cover art endeavors. No question about it! ” - Author Jason Crutchfield
Family Jedi
“ Working with Matt was not only enjoyable but easy. He helped me refine my design ideas and delivered an image I couldn't have come up with my by myself. He works quickly and efficiently and if you're looking for someone who is easy to work with and adds a personal touch to your design, you couldn't find someone better. ” - Rebecca Gillies
Lake of Fire
“ Matt Burton’s finished piece was exactly the image I couldn’t come up with myself and the one I wanted, and it’s just as excellent as the experience of working with him. I had shopped around with other artists on DeviantArt and found that no other designer had the same work ethic and professionalism to bring to the job – taking all my blathering half-ideas of what I was after and then managing to come up with concepts that perfectly conveyed what I was after. I fully intend to work with him again in the future. ” - Mark Sant